Saturday, March 29

I Came Here to Fling Poo and Chew Bubblegum

I am a Pasta-Eating Stealth Monkey with a Battle Rating of 6.2.
... and I'm all out of bubblegum.

Tuesday, March 25

The Falconer

I walk down amongst the ruins and past glories shattered me...

     It comes, and it goes.
     It's there, and it's not.
     I'm better, and I'm worse.

Elysian decays, answers that we are finding...

Just a memory. An orange car. A faded shirt. As it should be. As it would have always been. Everything moves on. No man left behind. Turning and turning, the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer. Track 3 becomes track 7, just as it always does.

     Just like that.

Waters of perfection fade...

     It comes, it goes.
     It's there, it's not.
     I'm ..better

      You'll never see the water flow
      You'll never see the water flow
      You'll never see the water flowing.

Saturday, March 22

To The Lighthouse

..and then it was just me,
red words against red shadows
blue starlights on a sailor take warning sky.
if I ring the boatswain's bell
will it echo?
would you use it as a beacon?
would you sail towards?
or would you semaphore
flashing lights in secret code
to tell me that
I was the one
lost in the foggy night
I was the one
whose hull was aground

... in this red shadowed night
and sailor take warning sky.

Friday, March 21

Ce Chat Est Plus Formidable Que Moi

    is so
    I am.

Thursday, March 20

A Soldiers Song

A Mahogany bar, a brass rail for your feet. Loud music, basketball, and glasses that clink. Somebody stares; somebody swears -- but it's our place to go, and we're glad that it's there.


The bartenders put all the televisions on the same channel, and turned the music off. The room went silent, and everyone listened to him speak. To my way of thinking, he's always spoken just a little too slowly for me to trust. But being this early in the game, it was a safe bet to assume that he really wasn't going to say all that much anyway.

Unsure eyes all around me, comprehending in silence, hoping for a sign. Couples hugged, companions nodded. He spoke of dedication, determination, and of protection. He spoke very slowly. The poet next to me scribbled with abandon, putting anger to words. And I thought for a moment that perhaps I wasn't alone in this feeling of worry.

But then, at the end of the sentence, the puppet paused to take a breath and the bartender in front of me took her hand away from her mouth, and said "Amen."

He spoke minutes more, and then thanked us for our time. And then,

     in the bar
     in the dark
     miles away,
     safe from harm

They cheered.

Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I'm still too young. Maybe I just don't know as much as I think that I do. But it feels wrong. It hurts deep inside. Threats must be repelled, and it seems snarling dogs must always fight. But the cheering. The lack of understanding. The accepting... the celebrating of things so real, so irreversible, so threatening...

I dialed the phone, and we said what we could. Generals and presidents will do us no good.

     Tonight we man the bearna bhaoil
     In Erin's cause, come woe or weal
     'mid cannons roar and rifles peal,
     We'll chant a soldier's song.

Tuesday, March 18

Jump back, Wanna Kiss Myself

Sitting here in my Ramones shirt, dark sunglasses on my head. I've got a fresh cup of coffee, Me'Shell Ndegeocello on the headphones, and red licorice to munch on. I've been writing, playing more guitar, and making some supremely cool new friends lately.

To be honest, I'm not sure there's anything that could harsh this morning for me.

*checks watch*

    Oh shit.. I still have to go to work!

Tuesday, March 11

Murder by Numbers, One Two Three

    Detrimental: "How much Tylenol would it take to kill someone?"
    HexaCorde: "That depends - are you like, throwing it at them?"

Sunday, March 9

Single White Headbanger

It looks like I’m heading out Tuesday night to catch Otep live in concert at the Marquee Theater. I’m pretty jazzed for it, because I truly love the energy that just pours off of this band.

At the same time though, it’s kind of a bummer because I don’t really know anyone who would want to go with me. I mean, Otep is kind of an acquired taste, even if you like goth metal. Plus, it’s not like the people I know here in town are the type who who will want to jump at the chance to be the “old people” in the club. Especially if I end up going in the pit - which could be a truly embarrassing spectacle for everyone.

Still, there's no way I’m gonna pass up a chance to hear my girl do her thing.

    Wanna come?

Friday, March 7

Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

    "Please don't use the words "ferret" and "erection" in the same sentence ever again..."

Thursday, March 6

Ghosts of the Machine

You know i've started to grow
since you've been away.
lately it's scarier not knowing,
what's become of you
you probably know, i can tell,
i'm not as fearless as you.

still i pretend that you're still standing by,
to tell me wrong from right,
never got a chance to say goodbye...

take this gift from me
hold it deep in mind
and never let this go

..I used to think you were crazy,
when you were hooked to the screen.
but now they tell me that you're in a better place
but where did you go?

and i swear sometimes you're watching over me
still i'd give the world for the chance
just to see your face again.

still i pretend that you're still standing by,
to tell me wrong from right,
never got a chance to say goodbye.

take this gift from me,
hold it deep in mind
and never let this go

now, now there's nothing left but time,
now that i'm following you.
eva's always on my mind
and it makes me wonder,

what happened to you?

.....- Orgy, "Eva"

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