Monday, February 21

Life, The Universe, and Everything

This is pretty much the greatest photograph I've ever seen.

[Listening to:  Radiohead - "Separator" ]

Thursday, February 17

Wednesday, February 16

It's a Small World After All

Somebody's poisoned the waterhole..

[Listening to:  Skindred - "Brainkiller" ]

Tuesday, February 15

Perfect Hindquarters

Hey, hey -- the Westminster Dog Show is going on. And you know what that means:

-- This is also how I usually size up pretty girls in the club after I've had too many.
The way I figure it, someone like this could easily win best in show.
I mean, who else is there -- this guy?

[Listening to:  Prime STH - "My Evil Friend" ]

Monday, February 14

Locals Only

Not really representative of anything or a comment on the day, just a pic I dig.

[Listening to:  Algebra - "What Happened?" ]

Friday, February 11

Cobra Commander

The greatest thing you'll see all day -- the infamous Honey Badger video, narrated by his Mother in Law.

-- via Warming Glow.

[Listening to:  The Quiett - "Welcome to the Show" ]

Tuesday, February 1

I See London I See France

Just when you think this clip can't get any better, it sooo does.
I'm not saying that a move like this would have saved En Vogue, ..I'm just saying.

[Listening to:  Patrick Stump - "Blue Rabbits F*#@ing" ]

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