Challenging the very definition of the word cake

I came across an odd quote while hopping around the web the other day...

"Sartre took courses in philosophy and psychology, and was known as a voracious reader, a prankster, a composer of bawdy lyrics, and was something of a boxer. He was small and ugly, but exceptionally strong."

I don't know why I found it sort of interesting -- perhaps it's my upbringing in this age where a anyone who does anything that might be considered remotely remarkable ends up between the covers of People magazine or whatever..

Needless to say, My mental image of Jean-Paul was entirely different than this (I'm ashamed to admit I always imagined him looking like the guy from the film "Top Secret" who says the immortal line, "This is NOT Mel Torme!"). I'm still having trouble picturing him hitting someone..

My curosity peaked; I went hunting around for more on old Jean-Paul, which netted some interesting tidbits.

Wouldn't it have been more appropriate, though, if I had simply found nothing?