Tuscan Panzanella

We had a department wide lunch yesterday, sort of a 'everyone bring in a dish and we’ll let our hair down for a while’ type of thing. When the meal is over there is a departmental meeting. Every time we have one of these lunches there is a theme installed that helps to make the event more interesting. The theme for yesterday’s lunch was "the good old days" - employees with long tenures telling us what the department was like in the past.

     5 years ago
     7 years ago
     10 years ago
     27 years ago...

                    Dear god.. 27 years at the same job?!?

Maybe it's because I'm not working something I like, but 27 years of anything has got to get old, doesn't it? I mean, maybe it's just me.. as funny as some of the stories were, the idea of working in one place for that length of time is simply horrific.

There are people who'd worked here for 5 years, left to pursue something else, and then came back for 9 more years... I mean, I can't even begin to get my head around that.

Maybe that's part of the problem - I don't know. The longest I've ever had one job is 3 years, and I quit that because I just …ran out of gas on it.

There's a guy who works here who is that sort of "too boisterous, too talkative, too creepy" type - a nice guy who I'm sure has a lot of interesting stories to tell; but he likes to rain them down on you in rapid fire mode, which makes him a chore to be around.

At the lunch while waiting in the food line, he complimented me on the story that I had published in Folio and mentioned some writing contests he thought I might be interested in. Turns out that he used to do some writing of his own back in the day..

     "Oh really." I say, "What sort of stuff?"
         ".. Porn."

Just think, 27 years of talking to that guy...