He’s got you in that figure 4 thing, you’re done for now!

See, the thing about hanging out at the Parades’ house was that you could show up anytime you wanted, but you couldn’t leave until you bested either Jimmy or Tony at whatever game they were into at the time. The challenge could be anything: arm wrestling, nine-ball, ping-pong, basketball, trampoline wrestling, skateboard demolition derby...

I recall we also used to make up a lot of sports too; games like - "Let's all punch Tony in the arm," or "See if Bigbee will drink this if we tell him it’s orange juice" and of course everyone's favorite --"Keep the Captain Morgan’s away from Adam White"

But most of the time when you went to the Parades house you ended up playing that most classic of all games...


I don't remember winning all that much.. but I do faintly recall one morning where I woke up in the driveway and said to someone, "How long have I been passed out here, and what did you freaks write on my back with this shoe polish?"

     Wanna play?