Way to go, Idaho

I’ve been weaving in and out lately, thinking a lot about writing but not actually doing any. It gets that way sometimes, I suppose. That, and the fact that the computers are being moved to another room of the house and haven’t been hooked back up yet.

Although it’s a common current with me, I’ve been really restless lately - unfocused, loose on the hinges. Sometimes that brings words flying from my fingers, othertimes it just leaves me driving in circles during twilight hours.

I keep doing these things during the day where as soon as I get involved in them I find myself thinking, "maybe this wasn’t such a hot idea after all.."

For example, I don’t really like my new screensaver that much -- but it was getting to the point where I realized that I was really wasting far too many hours trying to locate a better one…

I’m searching for something… I just don’t know what it is.