Cut the chatter, Red 2

The custodial crew in the office that I work at all have walkie-talkies … and I’m not really sure why.

I’m not talking about one of those plastic Radio Shack jobs with the red button that sends Morse code to your little brother -- I mean multi-band wireless communicators complete with the riot-police style CB-radio looking thing attached by Velcro to their shoulders.

I guess I could see where if a mess suddenly occurred, you’d want to get someone over there to clean it up quickly, but we’re talking about a crew of like 15-20 people here...

I mean, what on earth do they talk about?

    "Attention all units: 7-82 in progress near the West staircase."
    "I'm on it!"
    "Dammit Poncherelli, this is not your personal war!"