Weird week at work, not neccesarily bad - but one where that "what I do isnt what I want to do" feeling was at times so prevalent that it was hard to get anything done.

Some stuff got crossed off the list, but it could have been a lot more.

Went to a work-related party last night. Curren unexpectedly slept the whole time we were there, So I ended up getting to drink quite a bit more than I was originally planning to.

     Not a bad thing.

The thing I remember most was teddy bears with the Republican insignia on them (don't ask), making eyes at Kim, and someone else knowing about the existence of a drink they used to make over at the old Bukkets/Baha beach club called a Vulcan mind meld -- which is 151 mixed with Jagermeister...

     Back in the day when we did gigs there with Bad Habit
     or Pili Pili, they would occasionally pay us with those...

Anyways, maybe today will be slow. There's an Earth Day concert going on at a local college later - Maxi Priest, of all people. I'm hoping we can make that.