You can’t take me anywhere

Last weekend we stopped by Borders to pick up a couple of things. The cashier who rings up our items is this very attractive Goth girl who has worked there for as long as I can remember.

     Ears, lips, eyebrows, and assuredly many
     other things adorned with piercings.

She’s wearing this summer dress type thing that shows off a little cleavage in front, revealing the hint of some sort of artwork/tattoo/roadsign on her breasts.

It wasn’t like the style of tattoo you see when someone’s taken the liberty of writing a name on their boobs (which I assume is so they can remember who they are -- should they ever forget), or animal paws or whatever - this was like huge black brushstrokes in some sort of artistic patten. Either that, or they were the ears in a of full-size rendition of Mickey Mouse.

     Needless to say, I became a bit obsessed
     with figuring out the answer to this mystery.

In previous visits to the store she and I have made that sort of customer/cashier small talk (enough that she recognizes me when I'm in there), and she’s always been very friendly. But either the hieroglyphics are new (believe me, I would have noticed), or she’s just never dressed in a manner that would give away the fact that she’s walking around with a still life painting under her bra. Either way, it would be an easy assumption to make that if asked, she would readily explain what the deal is.

But we’re in a hurry, and I can’t think of a tactful way to phrase the question... so I just end up staring at her tits.