You're living in your own private Jalalabad.. apparently

According to a new report, Congress has earmarked almost $300,000 to help a Missouri youth-outreach program combat "Goth Culture."

And while it’s slightly disturbing to realize that this is how much money it takes for our government to shut down three Hot Topic stores, the thing about all of this strikes me the funniest is the pitch that Republican representative Sam Graves threw at the Department of Education when he was asking for the funds.

Graves wants the money to, as he put it -- "..give the officers in the Youth Outreach Unit the tools they need to identify Goth culture leaders that are preying on our kids."

So let me see if I’ve got this straight -- Somewhere in the badlands of the "Show Me" state there’s an elusive "Goth Mastermind" that the authorities can’t seem to get their hands on?
    Osama bin Reznor?