All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted...

Last night I discovered that something is wrong with my PS2. This also means that something is wrong with my DVD player. Suddenly without my regular distractions at hand, I had to find something to do.

     So I made

          music ….?

What started out as me moving some things out of the way so I could get to an obscured bookcase to look for something to read turned into the creating of a Frankenstein contraption that included a drum machine, synthesizer, various effects processors, and a 4 track tape recorder all wired together through my guitar amplifier.

I haven’t created anything beyond just doodling around with jazz chords on my acoustic in literally ages (I was trying to figure it out exactly - a year may have gone by since I’ve done this sort of thing…), so half of the excitement was just putting the thing together.

I had a great time creating some very simple grooves, the kind of things that probably would work best played as background music for generic walking sequences in a horror film.

It was fun to play, but only so much fun to listen to (a repetitive 2 minute groove played for 8 minutes straight? .. I’m no Dorfmeister, but it was hard not to get carried away).

     Just for the record, I’m a really bad keyboard player.

While I love my little 4 track, it may be time to investigate some sort of cheapo digital recorder. Once I was done making music with the Frankenstein soundtrack machine, I had to go back into my evil laboratory to create the Frankenstein soundtrack listening to machine. Sure I could have mixed the thing down to a stereo cassette copy, but it would have taken far too long to find all the cables I would have needed for that. Besides, I knew the songs weren’t that good, so all the extra effort didn’t seem worth it.

               Still, it would have been nice to have something to share.