I’m comin’ to join you Elizabeth – this is the big one!

Late night, flipping channels; looking for something to hold me over until Mad TV comes on…

     News... No
    Seinfeld… zzzzz
    Spin City… not in this lifetime

Finally I come to rest on an old favorite

               Sanford and Son.

For whatever reason, I don’t remember watching this show that much when I was a kid. I recall spending evenings in the living room with watching “Chico and the Man” (which was more or less the same thing) with my father every now and then...

I don’t know.. maybe in those days you just watched one or the other?

Anyways, we’re watching last night’s episode when basically out of nowhere Aunt Esther (of all people) drops the N word on a guy!

I mean, maybe it was the surprise of hearing such a thing on network television, or maybe it was just the fact that it seemed the most natural response for her character to have at that particular moment - but whatever the case...

     I was laughing so hard I nearly snarfed.