Always Crashing in the Same Car

Thoughts of missing princesses rest heavy on my mind, and I'm starting to worry about this Muppet that I haven't heard from in a while...

Work is a big pause. Like that weird up and down hiccup thing that elevators do when they reach the right floor. Things can happen when this ends.. but they have to happen fast, or the sands run out.

Playground memories. The phone rings suggested music.

An old issue of FHM, a new issue of TapeOp. Searching for words in the bathroom - I read from Siddartha, Corinthians, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Almost got lost somewhere between Yasodhara and 10 ways to spice up my love life.

How long did I stare at that empty page before something happened?

    Must have been touching close to 94...