Ali Yeganeh

Somewhere around noon today I got a serious jones for soup. The restaurant my sister-in-law works at makes this killer crab bisque, and for whatever reason my mind went into total vapor lock over the thought of it.

There was really no way I could make it all the way across town and back in an hour, so when I picked Kim up we began an impromptu search for an "on the way" place that might have something close enough to quell the monkey.

We ended up at this little place by her office called Julie's. Family run, kinda small and cozy. I think they were Greek, but I really have no way to know for sure.

The sign said "Soup - $1.75." There was no mention of flavors, but the rest of the menu featured a pretty healthy selection of Middle Eastern and Greek food, so I figured my chances were pretty good.

Our turn in line came up and I asked the guy what kind of soup they had. He rushed back an answer in some sort of heavy accent that I couldn't quite understand, so I apologized and asked him to please repeat what he had just said.

He leaned in towards me and spoke in a slow, deliberate tone:
    "We have Campells soup, in a can. Is good."