Hello Aquaman

It's really hard to tell what was the more ridiculous sight at the gym tonight. It was either

     Me, working the motions of a treadmill next to a guy whose biceps were bigger than my head


     The sight of Sonya Fitzpatrick talking to an iguana.

I'm guessing that the place I go to is a lot like other gyms in the country – there's a wall of treadmills and exercise bikes on one side where everyone lines up to get their blood pumping while they absently watch televisions that are suspended from the ceiling. Usually these TV’s are wired in to some sort of sports, news, or local channel so people can keep up with current events.

But when I arrived tonight to do my cardio work it became suddenly apparent that someone had locked all of the screens on Animal Planet, just in time for me to catch an extended glimpse of this particular slice of hell.

Sonya consoled the iguana. Then there was a snake. Then she talked to some Zebra being held on a leash by a fat woman. She’d lay hands on the critter, furrow her brow for a minute or so - and then she proceeded to to spew …revelations of some sort about the inner thoughts and conflicts of the pet in question.

And If this isn't weird enough for you -- consider this:

     biceps guy was absolutely riveted to the show.