Maybe Nugent Would Know

One of the websites I was called upon to build today was for a taxidermist in Louisiana. I can't really say that I know a whole lot about this particular subject, so I considered myself pretty fortunate when the owner of the company sent along a short list of selling points for me to work with. Among these was a listing of the various animals that he had worked on.

So I'm reading the list, and it seems pretty straightforward: Bear, Fish, Antelope, Boar, and then it says "all kinds of deer."

    And suddenly I'm thinking to myself, "Well... what's the frickin' difference?"

I could maybe see if you were a veterenarian or something how listing all the different species that you've cured would be important, even indicitive of your talents as a healer. But when you're stuffing dead animals.. does it really matter?

I mean, is there a technical difference between cutting the head off of a whitetail deer so that you can nail it to a wall plaque and say, cutting the head off a Asian Ibex so that you can...nail it to a plaque?

Do other taxidermists give you shit if you can't properly make a dead moose look like it's dead?

If you're staying after hours in the office cramming sawdust down the throat of some elk carcass, is there actually a point where you say to yourself, "Thank god this wasn't a caribou?"

    These are the questions that I have to push out of my mind to do my job effectively.