I've been listening to this great jazz CD called Still Warm by former Miles Davis sideman and all-purpose badass John Scofield. I was just kinda looking through the liner notes when I realized that this was the first compact disc that I ever purchased.

CD's made their debut when I was in high school. The idea sounded cool, but to be honest, I wasn't really all that interested in getting into them. The equipment was expensive and occasionally unreliable, but my main beef at the time was that I had spent a huge amount of time and money amassing a sizable collection of cassettes and LP's. If I wanted to go digital with my music, I'd literally end up starting all over and buying a lot of the same music all over again (which is what I more or less ended up doing).

Anyways, when I finally did make the plunge, this was the icebreaker.

But in all honesty, I had absolutely no idea who John Scofield was when I bought it. The CD just had a really cool picture of a guitar on the cover.

    ...that doesn't sound like me at all, now does it?