All This Vinegar Nothing

Tense couple of days. Not worth going into particulars. Just piddly little events and misfires that in retrospect seem meaningless and dumber than they actually were.

It's probably a lot to do with timing.

I get to work and sort of autopilot through the first half of the day, and then I go to lunch and something happens, or more usually nothing happens - and I can't find the focus to get productive again.

I'm tired of existence without results, of sawing at the tree all day without it falling down. And I'm really running out of gas with being constantly broke despite jumping through hoops for morons eight hours a day.

This morning I built a website for a Mexican Restaurant. The client put a note in with their information that read,

        Please do not use the word "Mexican."

I swear, sometimes I feel like it's Joe vs. The Volcano in here -- I don't really love Meg Ryan at all, but every woman I meet looks just fucking like her, and they're all starting to get on my nerves.

        First chance I get, I'm shoving that bitch into the lava.