While my neighbors seem pretty normal, the part of town I live in isn't really the best. It's pretty common to hear helicopters sweeping overhead during the night, or see red and blue lights through the windows. Part of me wishes I could afford something a little better, but hey - welcome to America 2002, right?

Anyways, last night the boy and I are hanging out flipping channels and goofing off in the living room when suddenly there’s a commotion outside the window. When I pulled back the drapes to get a look there were four police cars lined up, blocking the street.

Out in front of the cars, five cops walked in a line, sweeping their flashlights side to side. Even though we get a lot of cop cars around here, this was certainly something new, and it was hard not to feel at least a little alarmed.

They slowly made their way past my front yard, and moved on down the street.

Then, there was a sound outside like someone in a hurry had tripped over the cat's food bowl on the front porch. Maybe it was seeing the Gestapo line, or just the unexpectedness of it all, but I found myself sitting straight up and turning the television down.

A little more than hesitantly this time, I pulled the drape back,

        And found myself staring directly into the eyes of a raccoon

We sat there for a moment in silence, before a noise caused him to back away from the glass. Before he scurried off, he gave me another careful look. And even though I know it's impossible, I could have sworn that I heard a little voice saying,

        "I didn't kill my wife!"