You Sprained What?

Do you think porn stars ever call in sick?

I mean sure, they're human - they get colds and stomach viruses just like the rest of us, but I'm wondering if there is ever a time when one of these dudes wakes up in the morning and thinks to himself,

     "Aww man, is it Monday already?"

There are mornings in my life when the snooze alarm goes off thirty times in a row, and I simply cannot find the will at all to drag myself out of bed just so I can go to work. Days where all you can feel is the warmth of the sun pouring in through the windows, times when it seems like the bedcovers were custom made to make you feel comfortable and sleepy.

When you live on a time clock, when every moment of your day is spent chasing someone else's rabbits -- sometimes 2 days away just doesn't feel like enough. Especially when the weekend can be just as busy running errands and trying to cover all the bases you couldn't get to during the week.

Sometimes when I think about all the hours of monotonous drudgery and office politics waiting for me, it's hard not to give at least some consideration to coming down with one of those 24-hour fevers that seem come along whenever the surf is up..

Maybe it's because I don't know what their regular days are like. Perhaps there's a ton of mindless porn star paperwork that has to be handled each morning; some sort of menial prepwork that I'm simply not aware of; something that makes the entire workday an utter chore to be a part of...

I mean, whatever else it might appear to be -- it's still a job.

...and if porn stars actually do play hooky once in a while, how do their coworkers deal with it? I mean, they don't have temps for that, do they?

    Now there's an unpleasant thought...