Wednesday, May 28

30 Days in the Hole

Rolling. Tripping. Baked. Wasted.

     Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

When you've been on all day you get this weird dry mouth going that makes you want to drink all night. And when it's gone, it's all gone, and everything you used her to keep away comes rushing back to get you. Nothing's cured; nothing's disappeared. The world slows, and the mud gathers around your legs again, keeping you from moving forward at all.

She doesn't call. She doesn't flirt. She just knows you'll come back. No matter what.

     Break the blister. Find the center.

Climb on the dragon's back; let the motherfucker burn.

She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie....


Thursday, May 8

Whozz The Bouncer of Snugglebug

Pet names.

Not a hard thing to come up with, right?

I mean, we all have our own individual style and taste, but it's not like naming a domesticated animal is exactly rocket science. I had a cat once that came home in a Michelob beer box -- we named the cat Michelob.

When we found our current cat it looked like a hockey puck, so we call her Biskit.

Most people I know just go with visual cues. You know -- you get a dog with a spot on its body - call it spot. If you have a black cat, call it blackie.

But there really aren't any rules to it - you just pick a name that fits.

Thursday, May 1

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Stop and Let Me Ride

Last night at a red light a Miata pulled up next to me. The car had little televisions built into the back of the front seat headrests. When I looked over, the driver of the car was watching a matching television that was built into his dashboard.

     He was the only one in the car.

I kinda understand the idea of SUV's with TV's in them to help keep your kids quiet and occupied while you drive. I don't really like it, but I get where the idea comes from. But here was a guy in a car the size of a living room couch that had not one, but three TV's in it. And I suppose it really wouldn't have struck me as odd at all,

     If the guy hadn't been using a remote control.

TV's in cars... well, at least it can't get much worse than that...

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