Lightning Inside


Goodbye to the Brixton Sun...

Riding On The Top Of A Cop Car


The First Mistake of the Morning

Letting the days go by... water flowing underground

Like Thorn

Actually Spoken During the Course of my Evening


Inappropriate and Offensive

Snooze You Lose, Dylan

The Choirgirl Trailer Park

Actually Spoken During the Course of my Evening

The Lesson

Memo to Shady

To Know That the Cornstalks Talk

Hellhouse, Baby

Emerson Purring

The Michael Ho Response

Social Graces Lesson #1 - How to get Ketchup

Sessy Beast

You Sprained What?

Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

The Man From Mars Stopped Eating Cars and Now He Only Eats Guitars


Strawberry Milkbucket

What is this that thou hast done NOW?

Follow the White Rabbit.. to Big Savings!

All This Vinegar Nothing

Sleep is a Place Where My Cat Never Disappeared

Pudding Pop

Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

I Don't Get Flying Squirrels

Somewhere in Heaven, Iron Eyes Cody is Crying

Feel the Corporate Love

Your own, Personal, Cheese Whiz

Gulliver Stylee

Working for the Man

The Vampire Granny Panties


When it's On We Transform Like Optimus Prime...

So Messed Up, I Want Ya Here...

Grizzly Adams Loves the

I'd Buy That for a Dollar

Actually Spoken During the Course of my Evening

M.U.I. (for Dee Dee)


Ali Yeganeh

Culo Posse

Maybe Nugent Would Know

West Nile Virus My Ass

Herpes is Forever Rhythm and Sorrow

Johnny Law

I Just Watched

The Things I Do For Money

Sexy... kinda

Hello Aquaman

Always Crashing in the Same Car

Oh mo ma ma ma ma mo ma mother...

Ice to Eskimos

What a pity, you don't understand...

Shore Slop

One More Round and It's Bottles to the Ground

Cortez Has No Car

Hey Ho.. Let's Go! Hey Ho.. Two More!

Actually Spoken During the Course of my Evening


No man, that's my sheep!

Yam what Yam


I feel the way you would...

I’m comin’ to join you Elizabeth – this is the big one!

He'll find the culprit. It's probably that evil Gavin MacLeod!

Obi-Wan Kenobi told me in the lobby

James Kirkwood wrote one of my favorite novels.. he also wrote this

Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich...

yeah the bright and hollow sky, you know it looks so good tonight



Rockin’ out with Marlee Matlin

All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted...

Must… resist… chipmunk music

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue



Hanging with Mike O’Leary.. no, the other one

…that part of me isn't here anymore

’Scuse Me While I Kiss this Guy…

Gnarly Charlie's Got My Back


We are the goon squad and we're coming to town ...Beep-beep!

This might be a good time check the temperature in hell

You can’t take me anywhere

The Comedy Network

You're living in your own private Jalalabad.. apparently

Minimum Overdrive

Daydreaming Paint on the Road

Actually Spoken During the Course of a Memorable Night

Cut the chatter, Red 2


Beware the ides of... March?!