Monday, July 28

Some Songs

My stages taken away... Monday’s just another day.

Angie Stone sings the low, and I do my best to harmonize
hidden cameras somewhere seeing my best Marvin
Big Brother sitting behind the secret console
laughing at my utter lack of rhythm or soul.

I don't know the steps,
and the choruses aren't the best

     ...but Angies cool with it.

Some songs make their own moves.
Some songs find their own grooves.

The whole world opened up in front of me like flowering inferno
But all I can seem to do is pace the cage.

Back and forth, up and down.
Looking through the bars
Of that always open door

     To find

         My feet.

Monday, July 21


I am bottled
fizzy water
And you were shaking me up
You are a fingernail
running down the chalkboard
I thought I left in third grade

Now my only
Is that this could not last forever
Even though you're singing and thinking
how well you've got it made

Who are you?
And will you be through

Call it women's
But I think I'm on to something here
Temporaryism has been the black plague
and the Jesus of our age

I know that I sound
May be biased and quite possibly jaded
But sooner than later they'll be throwing quarters
At you on the stage

Who are you?
And will you be through

Yeah, it's just a phase
It will be over soon

     And I am waiting for it to be over too

         - Incubus, "Just a Phase"

Thursday, July 10

Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

    "Wait, wait, wait... both of you are named Peaches?"

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