Trade Secret

I'm gonna let you in on something, but you've got to promise not to tell anyone. This is secret internal information about my company that very few people know about. But since we're cool -- I figure it's ok.

See, one of the hallways at my office is decorated with three identical plants, sorta like small bamboo trees. It's a nice little touch, but not really the sort of thing many people pay attention to.
But if you look at them really closely when you walk by, you'll notice someone sitting among the branches, just enjoying the sunshine and some free eats. You have to watch close, because he's in a different place on a different tree every day.

I don't know who put him there, and I don't know who keeps moving him around -- but it's the kind of secret cool that puts a little smile on my face every time I walk by.
Say hello to The Corporate Companda.

[Listening to: 12 Stones, "Open Your Eyes"]