Waffle Cone

This morning I had a chance to catch up with J on the phone while I was driving out to the beach to go hang out. It was a much longer conversation than we'd been able to have lately -- filled with laughter, smiles, flirtation, and the kind of connection, the kind of time spent together (even if it was only on the phone) that we haven't been able to share in a long, long time.
Distance does that sometimes.
It was the kind of momentary re-connection that seemed to make everything around me better, helped push sunshine through clouds I didn't even know were there. I don't know, it's hard to explain. I mean, I'm sure you've had unexpected phone calls that have brightened your day -- but it was more than just hearing from her. It was about the way the conversation didn't have to be about anything in particular. Like at that one moment the two of us had lucked into the one specific wavelength for our cel phones to connect to that allowed us to feel (even for a short time) that all the miles didn't matter. That even if she was there and I am here, we're still us in a way that no one else can ever touch.

After I got off the phone with her I was thinking how much I wanted to write about it -- or at least try to capture it all in words enough for anyone else to know. It's just that it was such a unique thing, such a powerful feeling -- that as much as you'd think it might be easy to describe, it proved in a lot of ways difficult to make concrete with just simple language.

All these thoughts were circulating through my head as I walked across the courtyard towards 3rd street, when suddenly my world was pulled completely to the left as my senses were seduced almost instantly by the aromas of hot fudge, fresh fruit, and homemade waffle cones emanating from a tiny ice cream shop situated among the shops and restaurants along the sidewalk.

Have you ever had that happen to you, standing near freshly brewed coffee or newly cut grass where suddenly everything seemed to move into slow motion as the textures and aromas enveloped you in their own virtual deep kiss that was as luxurious and passionate as it was unexpected, which in turn made it seem even better than it ever could have been?
Because if you have..
Then you know exactly what that phone call was like.
[Listening to:    Fishbone"Lemon Meringue" ]