Quick Quiz

The subject of this photo is:
1. Waiting for his date to arrive
2. In the process of realizing that his date has stood him up.
3. Exhausted, yet still considering the ordering of another Chik-fil-a
4. Probably on my friends list from MySpace
5. Telling Westley how the besting of his Spaniard helps him know that he clearly cannot choose the wine in front of him.
6. Really, really, early for the band meeting.
7. The only one at your company who can clear the paper jam in the copier.
8. Bringing sexy back.
9. Unbeknownst to Speed, actually his older brother Rex Racer, who ran away from home years ago..
10. Quietly singing along with the Muzak.

[Listening to:    David Bowie"Im Deranged" ]