Everything That Goes Around Comes Around

It's been one of those days. Not a lot is happening at the office -- which is good because between an unexpectedly heavy IM conversation with j and too many hours in front of the PlayStation (guess which game I rented last night?) I hardly got any sleep at all.

Even worse -- instead of compensating for staying up so late by oversleeping and then having to drag through the day in a haze, my system actually kicked into some sort of cruel automatic pilot and woke up like a shot at the first sound of the alarm clock -- leaving me no choice but to try to pull through the day without an acceptable amount of sleep to build from.

As a result I've got that whole ultra-heavy eyelid/yawning for five minutes straight thing happening, and no amount of coffee I try to throw at the problem seems to be making any difference whatsoever.

Apparently I'm not the only one who's having a slow day either, because for whatever reason a lot of people have decided to congregate around the desks adjacent to mine and do their best to spark idle conversations by recounting the headlines they saw on TV earlier in the day.

My ever-present headphones have provided enough of a non-verbal message for the Chatty Cathys to keep away, but due to the worry that I might miss a phone call from the boss I can't turn them up loud enough to completely drown them out.
If that weren't bad enough -- they all seem to want to talk about
the same topic, to which I offer the following factual response:

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