Aldo Nova

Today's the first sunday in the NFL season -- which is a huge, huge deal for me. I love College football and my Seminoles, but there is nothing I get hyped up for more every year than pro football.

Which of course means that I'm totally geeked out for Fantasy Football, and have been for many many years. My draft this year didn't go as well as I could have hoped for, but I've made a couple of trades and moves that I think will help the team out. It's a long season, so who knows what will happen when it's all said and done -- but I think I have a chance to do pretty well --
If I can figure out who to start for my 3rd wide receiver spot.
Mike Furrey or Malcolm Floyd?
It's driving me nuts, because I just know whichever one I decide to bench is gonna go off and have a big day. Of course it's just Fantasy Football, so it shouldn't be the end of the world -- but it is important, dammit!

But even if I do choose wrong (I've been leaning towards Furrey so far), there are some thing that are certain about today:
  • Pizza will be ordered.
  • Profanities will be uttered. (I'm a Bronco fan, it's inevitable)
  • The dishes that I've been putting off are NOT gonna get done today.
  • Someone's gonna call me on the phone and get the feeling I'm paying more attention to the game than I am to them.
..and they'll probably be right :)

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