Eight or Die

Ok, lame videogame reference aside -- I got tagged by j the other day with this -- so here you go.
  • Each blogger must post these rules first
  • Each blogger must start eight random facts/habits about themselves
  • Bloggers tagged need to write about their eight things
  • At the end of your blog, choose eight people to get tagged & list their names
My Eight:
1. My full name is Jack Daniel Luft. I have been told that my name is a combination of my grandfathers first names, and that my adoptive parents "didn't really realize" people might think I was named after something else.
2. I have a vacuum cleaner, but I've never used it.
3. I cannot stand the texture of cotton balls. Seriously, it sends shivers up my spine when I touch them. I've gotten to the point where I can open up medicine pill bottles and remove the safety cotton from them, but I look like a frikkin' wackadoo whenever I try.
4. I can play guitar. I can (kinda) sing. I'm utterly hopeless when it comes to doing both at the same time.
5. I'd rather slamdance than go to the movies (DVD's you can rent, that concert is only gonna happen once).
6. I'm a really laid-back guy, but sometimes at work I'm like this
7. I'll flirt with anyone. It gets me in trouble sometimes.
8. When I get angry, I tend to argue with bigger words than I use regularly. I have a 3-penny vocabulary, but for whatever reason it only seems to come out when I'm pissed.
I tag: Bill, Monster, Werdna, MsPuddin, Sarah, James, Amanda, and WIGSF.
Eh, anyone else that wants to jump in is welcome too -- pretermit the prescripts!

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