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Monday Night Football is a unique event. One night, one game -- broadcast in a time slot that almost always offers no conflicts with any other sporting events. Realizing the singularity of this opportunity to attract fans and advertisers, the NFL does their best to ensure that Monday Night games feature matchups between marquee teams.

As such, it's a high-profile TV opportunity not only for the teams and players involved, but also for the cities hosting the games, which is why getting scheduled for a Monday Night game is always such a big deal, especially in smaller media markets that don't always get national coverage on television.

In other words, when your town's franchise is lucky enough to be the home team for a Monday night game, it's a unique chance to introduce the rest of the country to the things that make your city special.
America, say hello to Jacksonville:
To be honest -- it was one of those moments where if you weren't paying full attention to the screen you probably missed it. And with the game at that point being pretty much a blowout, it's safe to assume a lot of people had already tuned out. But just like that time the girl flashed her boobs on the Today show, those of us who did see it pretty much couldn't unsee it -- and will forever be altered by the experience (Best. Today show. Ever.)

Not that I'm bashing the dude, because honestly -- I laughed my ass off when it happened, but it's not hard to imagine that somewhere in the Mayor's office discussions are being held as to whether or not it would be a good idea to get a task force together to find this guy and fit him for some cement overshoes and a free tour of the bottom of the St. John's river.

Luckily for the Mayor, this is the redneck capital of the new south -- which means finding the perpetrator is only as difficult as tuning in to the local morning radio shows, where the guy himself called in take credit for the move, followed by a bazillion calls afterwards proclaiming him as a folk hero.
And yes ladies, because I know you're asking,
He's single.

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