Steal The Covers, I Dare You

Dear God, are you seeing this?
I mean seriously -- what gets into people's heads sometimes? Protection from home invasion? When has that old chestnut of a theory ever really gone right? Think about yourself when you wake up suddenly from a restful sleep. Is a shotgun really the first thing you want/need access to?
Actual Uses People Might Find for a Bed-Mounted Shotgun
  • Shutting off an alarm clock
  • Expressing your opinions regarding Leno's monologues
  • Re-writing the old Christmastime favorite Up on the Rooftop
  • Livening up that one dream you sometimes have where you're Steven Seagal
  • Putting an end to unwanted nocturnal flatulence issues forever.
  • Two words: Zombie Attack.
Look people, Red Dawn was a fun movie, but it was a long time ago; and I don't care how much you are into hunting -- I promise you that sound you hear in the middle of the night isn't a 6-point buck foraging through your underwear drawer for food.
Get a dog already.

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