Anyone Know Where I Can Get a Purple Jumpsuit?

So I just found out that there's a bar down at the beach that's having a Big Lebowski party Saturday night. White Russian drink specials, the movie playing on all the bigscreen TV's -- the whole nine yards.
I'm. So. There.
But best of all is the news that if you come to the place dressed as one of the characters from the film, you get in for free.
..But who to go as?
The Dude?




The Jesus? Liam?



um ..Bunny?

The Stranger?

Jackie Treehorn?

In a second I would go as any of them, but seriously -- this thing is tomorrow night. I mean when you get right down to it, things sorta stacked up against me and I wasn't able to have as much fun on halloween as I wanted to, so this would be a perfect opportunity to catch up. Problem is, I'm not exactly rolling in cash, so if I do anything it would have to be pretty thrown-together. I heard at the last Lebowski Fest a lot of people went dressed as the rug -- which would be awesome if I could find a way to pull that off..
But lets be honest here.
If I'm really serious about dressing up as one of the characters from this Coen brothers film just so I can duck a $5 cover to get into a bar where I will have the chance to watch a movie I've seen a bazillion times already, then I'm gonna have to face the fact that there is one character in the film I could easily imitate. The body type, the hairstyle, the smooth and suave demeanor..
It's almost like I was born to play the part.

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Anonymous said…
Hey man,
I hope everything worked out for you and you were show up to the party as the best coen brothers character of all time. Was just wonderin if you indeed find a purple jumpsuit and if two, you would be willing to sell it to me? Thanks man and take care.