Don't F*ck With Wendy Testaburger

So about a week ago, in an effort to show off the some of the cool web tricks a friend of his designs with his company, my dear friend Monster made this:
My Miata? So that's how things are gonna be now? Now you're gonna shoot me in my pinky toe? This is where we're at, is it? I mean, I know it was all supposed to be in good fun (I certainly laughed my ass off) -- but you know what?
The Dude minds.
This will not stand, ya know -- this aggression will not stand, man. And while I'm sure I'm probably inviting a world of web-widget retaliation here (especially on a workday before a holiday like this where neither of us probably has anything better to do) -- It's on.
It's on like Red Dawn.
[Listening to:    Limp Bizkit"Broke" ]