The Five Ladyfingers of Death

At the center of the campus of the company that I work for is a little dining area complete with tables and chairs for people to sit at while they eat lunch, and a little short-order cafe that sells breakfast and lunch to anyone who wants it. The food isn't terrible, but unless you order like a cheeseburger or something that they cook on the spot it's served sorta buffet/school cafeteria style -- which tends to suck most of the appeal out of it for me.
Plus buying lunch at work cuts into my drinking budget, and we ..can't have that.
Anyways, as long as I've worked here, the folks who work there have all dressed the same -- all-white chef's smocks with white aprons, and then hairnets or little white hats for the people working directly around the food. Pretty standard fare for the food service industry, hardly the kind of thing you'd really notice or pay attention to on any given day.

But for whatever reason, they switched things up recently and are now wearing these all-black outfits with these little black pill-box hats that don't really seem to fit on any of their heads the right way.

It's probably the exact same outfit they were wearing before (in a different color) -- but where they all used to look like restaurant workers, now they all sorta look like..

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