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So tonight is the night of the big finale of the hit reality show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila -- which, as you recall has been touted as TV's first bisexual dating show.

For the uninitiated, A Shot At Love puts a twist on the tried and true "20 people vie for the attentions and love of one person" theory by making the object of the competition MySpace vixen/attention-whore turned TV star Tila Tequila, who claims to be bisexual.

As a result, the contestant pool of singles is made up of both men and women, each hoping that they will eventually be the one that wins the heart of the girl that likes innies and outies, but has reached the point where she's tired of the games and drama and just wants to find that one true person who is "right" for her.

If you've read this site recently then you probably know that I've already written at length about how I think the vast majority of the show has been essentially staged and scripted, especially given what I felt was a lack of authenticity on the part of the 15 girls they found to play the part of the lesbians.

And yet, because I have a penchant for trainwreck TV I've followed along gamely anyways, enjoying all the antics, name calling, catfights, gratuitous T&A, and posturing that's come and gone as each week the list of hopefuls grows shorter and shorter.
But now here we are at the final episode, with only two people remaining.
Predictably, it's come down to one man and one woman -- putting Tila in a position where she not only has to choose who is the best person for her heart, but also much decide which gender offers her the best chance to find the happiness that she's truly hoping for.
But this is sorta where I have a problem.
Because when you think about it -- doesn't she sorta have to pick the girl?
Despite swirling rumors suggesting otherwise, I don't really have a problem accepting Tila as a bisexual. If the show is to be believed on any level, she's shown attraction to people on both sides of the fence, particularly (as I kinda thought it might back when the show started) when it came to the lesbians.

And not to go all stereotypical here or anything, but the fact that the one girl left is probably visually speaking the butchiest of the original panel of women who came on the show only adds credence to the idea that perhaps the best place for Tila Tequila to find happiness is in the arms of another woman (especially considering the douchebag fratboy who's survived to the final elimination -- offering little or no hope for positive representation of the Y chromosome at all).

But when you get right down to it, if she should decide at the end of this finale episode to take "a shot at love" with the guy -- then wouldn't that make her seem sorta

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