You's a Ho Ho Ho (But We Still Love You)

Oh Janice, what are we gonna do with you?

You're seven shades of crazy, and I'm not really sure I could stand within 15 feet of you without catching something or at least feeling some sort of itching sensation -- but no matter how many times we try to hold your head under the water, you keep coming back.

But as the holidays approach and Tyra continues to sink slowly into insanity while the universe of trainwreck pop culture threatens to fold in upon itself under the combined weight of pepper-sprayed beauty queens and impregnated Spears offspring -- it's kinda nice to know that you're still around, and that despite it all you can still find a way to laugh at yourself.
Merry Christmas, you nutty skeez.
..Kinda hard to believe Mick Jagger kicked this one out of bed, eh?

[Listening to:    Karnivool"Shutterspeed" ]