Poisson Heureux #3

Here's what's been making this fish happy lately:
  1. Raise the Red Lantern -- Awesome film. Highly recommended.

  2. Hearing my dad brag to other people about the GPS navigation system I got him for Xmas (my dad is all but impossible to buy gifts for -- his closets are literally filled with unopened gifts that people have given him). I'd botched his birthday two weeks back by getting him a foot massager (he'd recently complained that his feet were bothering him) only to find out when he got it that he had three more of the exact same model sitting in his closet. The fact that he's actually boasting to people about his new car-nav system is in my mind the equivalent of the Giants finding a way to beat the Patriots this weekend.

  3. FedEx lying to me about how long it takes a package to get from Jacksonville to Maine.

  4. Your reaction on the phone when that package was opened.

  5. Realizing that I'd sort of fallen off the wagon reading books lately (I read stuff on the web all day long, but somehow or another the practice of spending time with an actual book had slipped away from me in recent weeks), and then getting right back on the horse with this really great novel by Ryu Murakami called Piercing.

  6. My new iPod Nano (more on this later).

  7. The interviews with Faye Wattleton, Tera Patrick, and John Waters in Thinking XXX -- and the fact that all the scenes involving Lou Reed were left on the cutting room floor. Probably not for everyone -- but if you're interested in the subject matter (and don't mind watching continual male and female nudity interspersed with conversations regarding the kind of things that Gore Vidal finds sexy) -- it's worth a look.

  8. Thoughts of Phoenix tattoos, and where they might be placed.

  9. The moment the other night at Endo when the new girl bartender they hired poured my drink and went to hand it to me, only to have security guard Ricky intercept it and unknowingly channel the spirit of John Spruill when he said, "Nope, make that one again. Do you know who this is? This is the Dan. Dan always gets the Sasquatch pour. If you want to keep your job here, you'd better learn that."

  10. Watching the reactions on peoples faces at the Pearl when they played a DVD of Ichi the Killer on the screens all around the club the other night and the part came up where Kakihara slices his own tongue in half.

  11. Drinks. Were. Spit.

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