There Was Once a Peaceful Town Called Rock Ridge

It's kinda embarrassing to think of just how easily entertained I can be by things I find on the web.

It's not like the old days when you had to load up disk drives and type in run prompts or whatever -- now you're sorta hard pressed to find anything outside of a CD/DVD drive on a computer. It doesn't so much make me miss those old days ("What do you mean you've LOST the second floppy for wordstar? How am I supposed to spell check now!?") as much as it gives me pause to realize just how far things have progressed in even the short time my life has been computerized.
Of course that doesn't mean some of those old school things weren't a blast.
One of my favorite computer distractions back in the day was Sim City. I could literally waste hours on that game, trying to find new ways to increase crime and unrest among the inhabitants of my little pixilated ant farms.

Well, that's not entirely true -- I'd usually spend the beginning part of the experience trying to improve my little town and make it into a thriving metropolis, but like every sand castle, Lego city, or GI Joe fort I've ever built there came that crucial point where being civic-minded began to get really boring and it was easier to find entertainment in stomping sand-encrusted battlements while making Godzilla noises.
Which is why I need your help.
See, the other day I came across this website that lets you build your own town.

The only catch is that the only want to get your city to grows is to have other people visit it. And unlike voting for Broncos players to get into the pro-bowl, you can't just keep hitting refresh until you've accomplished your goal.

So if you've got a second, click on over to my little backwoods community. It's small now, but as more and more suckers homesteaders like you show up, it will grow into the kind of place you've always dreamed of.
Then we'll stomp out the castle together ;)

[Listening to:    Bob Rivers"I Am Santa Claus" ]