The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The thing about living with a cat is that you have to accept their independence. If a feline doesn't want to be bothered with you at the moment, then your best play is to give them their space. Just because you may want to have them pay you some attention doesn't mean that they're necessarily in the mood to give you any.
And no amount of snapping your fingers, tempting with food, or stroking their back is going to change that.
But on those occasions when they do want your attention, that had better be the ONLY thing going on.
Which when you think about it, isn't really all that different from the relationships people have.
Or to put it another way -- this isn't really the first time I've (or any other guy on the planet has) made this sort of mistake:
Ladies, I don't know why we do this -- but sometimes we just do. I mean, of course I want to Hell, I think about petting all the time. But whether it's a video game, watching March Madness, trying to impress you with my personal knowledge about the history of Rush to the point where I didn't even realize you were thinking about something else, or any of the billion other things that can temporarily blind the male eye from even the most blatant of nonverbal green lights a female can provide -- sometimes we just drop the ball.

I honestly don't even know why we do that, either -- but I gotta tell you, it's embarrassing when you think about it a second later and realize what a total dumbass you're being.
Note to self: Nobody really wants to know the story behind
"YYZ" that badly. Shut the hell up and pet the kittie already.
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