Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

Me: This war movie is pissing me off
j: what movie?
Me: The Thin Red Line
Me: when I tuned in it was all action and tension
Me: now it's just Sean Penn whining about the government
j: lol
Me: it's a gorgeous movie, but Penn wont shut up
j: what channel?
Me: History channel
j: ok, I see it
Me: all these hotties are about to die
Me: Adrian Brody, Elias Koteas, the Water Horse dude..
j: cute owl
Me: he's a spy
Me: and Sean Penn wants him to vote for Obama
j: lmao
Me: there's this whole fascinating theme about nature going on in the film
j: i have to watch something else. i hate war movies
Me: there was this great plotline going on earlier where Nick Nolte's character was having
this battle of nerves with the other soldiers on the line -- and it was just awesome
Me: really intense, fantastic acting
Me: But now it's at that point where I'm supposed to feel bad about everything, and it's lame
Me: ..there goes blue eyes
j: ??
Me: the dude with the bedroom eyes just bought it
j: Nooooooooooooo!
j: lol
Me: oh wait, it was Jesus
j: what?
Me: I can never pick that guy out on sight
Me: James Caviezel (sp?)
j: oh yeah
j: that guy
Me: dude, they shot Jesus!
j: that's fucked up
Me: and Sean Penn's still there
Me: shoot HIM
j: ur mean
Me: there's this point when a movie loses it's connection to you (books too) and you can't
help but treat it like that point in Super Mario when you try to set Luigi on fire
Me: like the entire second half of Garden State I just wanted an anvil to fall on Zach Braff's head
j: lol
Me: That reminds me, I was reading Piercing all morning
j: did u finish?
Me: I'll finish it today
j: u better
Me: I'm loving what he's setting up
j: that book is fucking crazy
Me: I'm right in the middle, where he's taking her in the cab maybe to the hospital
j: oh it's all downhill from there
Me: it's got a cool rhythm to it
j: it's disturbing
Me: it is
j: but funny
j: do u feel bad for laughing?
j: i did
j: sometimes
Me: I don't feel bad about it, but I have laughed a bit
Me: I laugh at anime porn, I feel bad about that
j: anime porn is hot
Me: tentacle rape looks like a lot of work
Me: just buy her dinner!

[Listening to:    Nonpoint"Witness" ]