If You Have Something Important To Say To Switch, I'd Suggest You Say It Now

Spending the last two days trying (unsuccessfully) to back up files while constantly pushing ignore on the little pop-up message telling me that "Windows has detected a problem with my system volume, and suggests backing up all data and programs immediately before a total hard-drive failure occurs" -- leading to a wonderful series of waltz-like conversations with various members of the Squad de la Geek regarding what exactly my repair warranty agreement does and doesn't entitle me to, followed by many hours of un-installing promotional programs that the system restore disk put on my new hard drive, reloading the software that I actually use, re-setting preferences, and then discovering that all of that effort has led iTunes to believe that I'm not actually me anymore, making it appear that I might have to actually buy all the things I've bought from them again in order to bring my iPod (which itself got wiped out when my HD decided to do it's best Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs impression) back to life -- has offered me pause to consider just how tethered my life has become to this little box with the TV attached.

Look, there's no doubt that the Internet is an amazing way to instantly connect yourself to information, entertainment, and people all over the world -- but it's strange how the advent of living without it for a few days makes you realize just how much time it actually takes away from you. Time that could easily have been spent in the real world learning things, finding ways to help your fellow man, and perhaps discovering more of your true self in the process.

I mean, maybe I do spend too much time with my computer. Maybe there is more to life than the things I read, the things I post, and the pr0n that I download. Perhaps it's time to finally admit that despite my intentions to use the web to promote myself as a writer and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals that it's turned into something different, something that not only closes me off to honest-to-goodness physical interactions and real world experiences, but has perhaps lulled me into a regrettable state of mind that sees email or IM exchanges as more important than talking to and actually listening not only to the things that people are actually saying, but taking example and inspirations from their actions as well.
In other words -- I think the time has finally come to shut off the computer, stand
aside my fellow man, and find out what's really happening in the world around me:

-- News Conference, LA County Courtroom, 1/14/08

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