Ten Things That Shouldn't Be Fun, But Totally Are

The ongoing conversation that's sparked up in the comments regarding a previous post about the utter awesomeness that is roofies has got me thinking about all the other things that I probably shouldn't laugh at, but still do anyways.

I wouldn't really call this a meme, and I'm not much for tagging people anymore -- but if you want to jump in on this thing, feel free; I'd love to see what some of yours are.
  1. Hydroplaning
  2. The C word
  3. Getting away with silent farts in mixed company
  4. The blatant disregard my roommates seem have for anything that belongs to me
  5. Talking dirty/Flirting with bill collectors and telemarketers
  6. When little kids cuss
  7. Shoplifting
  8. Flavor of Love 3 (You know I'm gonna watch -- but seriously bro, jokes over)
  9. Drunk dialing
  10. Moments when you realize who your own worst enemy actually is -- like when I opened up the microwave to warm up a healthy side dish of mixed vegetables to have as part of my dinner last night, only to discover a plate of leftover pizza inside there that I guess I had wanted to eat after coming home drunk Saturday night, but passed out before the buzzer went off and then totally forgot about until that moment.

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