Just a day or so I was having a conversation with j where she was on me for still not having finished this book we're both reading so we can finally talk about how we felt about it, which sort of turned into a general conversation about how incredibly lazy I can get sometimes, even with things I like -- with the main example being the way that I'll go into Blockbuster to rent a movie and pass up all sorts of things that I've heard are good and that I honestly want to see, but just don't seem to be in the mood for at that specific moment.

Well today bopping around the web I discover that not only am I'm not alone in this process, but apparently it's gotten so commonplace that they've come up with a name for it. According to the folks over at Buzzsugar, "Waitflixing" is the practice of adding a movie to your list of movies you want to see, but then continually passing it over or putting other movies ahead of it to the point where you never actually watch it.

"Waitflixing" is the new companion term to go along with "Notflixing" (getting a film in the mail from Netflix or Blockbuster and sending it back without ever actually watching it) and "TiNoing" (which is the practice of TiVo-ing a program with the intention to watch it, but never actually going through with it).
Otherwise known as: Two Out of Three Things that I Do All the Frikkin' Time.
Two out of three because I am among the tivo-less, (but I'd be willing to bet all the warranty cards I've never sent back that if someone gave me one of those things tomorrow, I'd be doing that too).

Remember that scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when the pet store catches on fire, and Pee Wee goes in there to save all the animals -- and he frees a bunch of cats, and he herds out the hamsters, but every time he goes back in he looks at the cage full of snakes with a creeped out look and decides that he'll, you know ..save them later?

Well the way he runs out of the pet store with his hands full of garter snakes, screaming at the top of his lungs and convulsing in pure grossed-out fear is probably exactly the way I'm gonna act when I finally break down and rent 300.

Seriously -- the day I finally decide to get over whatever hangup is preventing me from spending money on things like 3:10 to Yuma, The Descent, The two Grindhouse films, and Paprika I might as well put on a silver suit and a red bow-tie, because it's gonna look like this:

And it's kinda stupid, because these are all flicks that I really want to see -- but for whatever reason I keep pushing them down the line in my Blockbuster queue online, and passing them by whenever I'm actually at the store browsing for titles.

I think a big part of it is that one of the things that I love about good movies (and even moreso for movies that are supposed to be good but actually suck) is the experience of watching them with someone and talking about it afterwards. You know, times when the experience is shared and the context is fresh in everyones minds? You can't always get that when you watch flicks alone, even when people you know have seen the film -- because to set up the point you want to talk about you almost always have to re-narrate the scene from the movie to get everyone in the right place to see what you're talking about.

And unless it's a movie that demands multiple viewings, the process itself is so tedious that it becomes a chore to go through, not only for the speaker but for the listener as well.
To me there's nothing better than seeing a movie with someone and sharing that moment where you're so unanimously annoyed/pissed off that you actually have to press the pause button so that your complaints about it can be aired without distracting you from the rest of the film itself.
Movie nights rock anyways, even with the worst of films -- and maybe the fact that I don't have anyone to really share them with right now makes it easier for me to pass on things that would normally bring out the movie snob in me and go for mindless junk that can be ingested and forgotten easily instead (case in point -- I'm all about zombie flicks, and I love me some Milla Jovovich, but Resident Evil: Extinction was such a complete yawner that I tuned out about halfway through -- I was actually mad at myself when I realized the credits were rolling and I didn't even bother to watch the big fight at the end).
Not that I actually rewound it and watched it or anything -- but if I
spent money on something, I should have at least tried to watch it, right?
At the same time, there are soo many movies out there at any given time that unless you give time to it every week (and who really has time/money for that anymore) seeing everything you want to becomes a chore in itself.

Which of course, all provide the perfect excuse for me to just bag it all and finish this novel that admittedly I should have really finished by now, but have just sort of fallen off the wagon with, even though I really, really, really want to know how it ends.
..Which I guess should be called Waitbooking?

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