Help Me Obama Wan, You're My Only Hope

I watch the movies on a semi-regular basis. I continually use lines from the scripts as part of everyday conversations. I can easily be drawn into heated discussions about the flaws in the story and/or explanations of the subtle societal commentary/thematic implications implied by the imagery, costumes, and music that's used throughout the series.
Basically, my journey towards the dark side is complete:
I'm totally gay for Star Wars.
But you know what's weird? I've always kinda looked down on the action figure people. I mean, they're nowhere near as bad as the whackos who dress up like stormtroopers when they report for jury duty or whatever -- but despite the fact that our geekitude comes from the same place, I've always kinda felt like the guys who line up outside toystores at all hours of the night just to buy the latest incarnation of R2D2 are all a little, you know ..pathetic.
Still loving a kids movie 30 years after you first saw it?   Dorky, but forgivable.
Collecting the action figures and seeming to know an awful lot about them?   Loser.
Maybe it's because of all the dem on dem bitchiness that's been a part of this election season, with candidates from my party beating each others brains out while McCain quietly builds his clone army -- but I'm really starting to wonder if all this disdain I have for grown-up action figure nerds has become unnecessarily divisive.

I mean, there's a whole new Star Trek movie dropping in the next year, and the last three things we put on the screen sucked out loud -- maybe the time really has come to put our differences aside and finally start acting like the unified force for good that we keep trying to convince everyone that we actually are.
That being said --
Dude, lose the doll. Seriously.
[Listening to:  Element Eighty"Pancake Land" ]