Me Me Me and Timothy

Like a lot of people out there, I'm waking up today to the sobering realization that (at least for this year) football is over. Even though we were treated to one of the best Super Bowl games in years -- which helped put a fitting stamp on what has really been an entertaining season to watch (college and pro), it's still a little weird to have to face the prospect of a weekend without it
And don't come to me with any of that Pro Bowl nonsense, either -- no one watches that crap.
I mean, I know not everyone digs the game, and there are probably some people out there who are beyond glad that all things pigskin will be taking a break for a few months. But until my mania for college basketball has the chance to properly warm up and take over, I for one will be mourning it's absence.
I'll tell you one thing I'm not missing, though:

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