12 Things That Piss Me Off That No One Understands

  1. Kick Drum tracks recorded with multi-tap delay.
  2. People who fish off the side of bridges.
  3. The IRS (guess what happened).
  4. Ridiculously good-looking skinny people who have their shit together, more money than they'll ever need, all the sex they could ever hope for whenever they want with everyone they meet and feel the need to tell me all about it.
  5. The IRS (guess what else isn't going to happen).
  6. The situation/person/reason I'm in this goddamn mess in the first fucking place.
  7. Every flop-haired fucktard who can't string two chords together but still has all new top-of-the-line equipment.
  8. Tyler Hansbrough.
  9. This feeling that everything good in my life is always just one step from slipping away.
  10. Former Denver Bronco Javon Walker (I know it was $60 mil -- but did you really have to sign with The Raiders?)
  11. That bitch on the phone from the IRS that tried to paint all of this to me as good news.
  12. My apparent inability to see any of these trains coming down the tracks until they've already run me over.

[Listening to:  Lo Pro"Fake" ]