Two Tickets to Paradise

Still working through things, still very much cleaning house -- emotionally and literally (hard as that might be to believe).
I bought a mop.
..Hilarity ensued.
Once again I'm feeling the itch to move into a better place, but finances aren't going to let that happen anytime soon, which means for the time being I'm still in mine. Don't get me wrong, I love this little apartment with all it's little quirks and faults because of what it means to me and the good times I've had there -- but I feel like I'm finally starting to outgrow it.
Finally able to throw things away that I didn't need to be holding onto in the first place.
It's not an easy process, (especially because I'm not really talking about my apartment at all) but the more I chip away at it, the better I figure it will get.

All that being said, if I've still got to live here the least I can do is try and clean the place up and bit and perhaps finish some of the design plans I had when I first moved in. To that end, I've been looking for a new piece of artwork to hang on the wall opposite from my beloved John Coltrane painting -- a search that right now is focused pretty solidly on the work of one Aaron Chang, who whether you realized it or not -- totally rocks your face.

I have a piece in mind already, but (as usual) my taste in high art/photography appears to be completely at odds with my understanding/ability to pay the prices that professional photographers/artists normally charge for their work -- especially considering the size print I'm looking to find.

I mean, the rate I'm getting quoted is fairly on par with what I paid for the Coltrane -- which is probably a fair price for a painting that size, so I guess what I'm really trying to say is that the price sucks essentially because I can't afford it, which is pretty much the reasoning behind my frustration about the going rate for guitar pedals, plane tickets, and new apartments as well.
At the same time it's hard not to wish there was some way to call Chang up
and negotiate, maybe see if he'd be willing to help a brother out, you know?
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