Here is my list of the 10 best actors you've probably never heard of who when they show up in a film, you immediately know that some serious shit is fixin' to go down.

1. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
2. Tiny Lister
3. Clancy Brown
4. Billy Zabka
5. Michael Biehn
6. Brian Thompson
7. Al Leong
8. Jonathan Banks
9. Brion James
10. Colin Salmon
I'm not talking about heroes or villains. I'm not talking about famous kickboxers or martial artists. I'm talking about the guys directors call when they need someone to look like "that guy." I'm talking about the dudes who show up in a movie playing a good guy and you immediately start shouting out to the screen for the hero to watch his back, because you just know he's playing for the other team.
Seriously, if I was in a cop movie and someone told me they were assigning one
of these guys to be my new partner I'd shoot them right there just to save time.
I know that there are more of these out there -- so if I forgot your favorite, feel free to drop their name in the comments.

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