Cotton Candy Sweetie Go

The Terror Alert Banana (over there on the right) is something that's been a part of this site literally for years now. He's always there, dancing (supposedly) in the name of homeland security -- keeping the beat with the music in my headphones while I edit posts and check comments, letting me know in his own special way that everything is ok.
It would be hard to imagine this site without him.
But if a day ever came where I did need to find a replacement, I'm pretty sure I could do a lot worse than this little gem that Rich over at fourfour cooked up the other day:
But then I was thinking, you know -- that's not really fair, especially considering how many good times the banana's given the site.
Which means there's really only one way to solve this:
With a mother*%#@ing walk-off.
I mean sure, Brad's a big name and all, frickin' Tyler Durden and everything -- but he's got all those kids running around; how do we really know he's gonna be there when we need him? Besides, just because the banana's got a lot of mileage under his belt doesn't mean some new guy can just walk right in and steal his thunder, does it?

No. We settle this the right way. On the field of honor. Blood for blood -- Eye to eye. Maestro, music if you please:

                  It's Peanut Butter Terror Time!

War is hell.
[Listening to:  Aerial Tribe"Common Ground" ]


Monster said…
I'm way past grudgingly admitting that Brad Pitt is a bad ass...

..but I can't imagine the dirt without the banana.

I don't know if we're voting here or what (still hate Dokken), but I dig the banana.
Werdna said…

No one beats terror level banana.

Now if it had to fight terror, that would be different.
Narm said…
No question the banana. Brad Pitt already has Angelina - does he really need this honor as well?
Satorical said…
Dude, you're so hilarious. This is total pro-level.

And, of course, Banana.

Brad can be, you know, Second Banana.
unMuse said…
banana for sure. it grooves way better (and has less load time and no annoying restart of the cycle).
LadyShay said…
Banana '08!!! And wouldn't it be considered a dance off since you know, well, they aren't walking...
The Kaiser said…
The banana has kept us safe from Al Qaeda for the last 7 years, so it must be working just fine. We should keep it.
whatigotsofar said…
Heff said…
Fuck Brad. The Banana RULZ.
Hex said…
Monster -- The dirt will never be sans-banana, you know me better than that.

And your Dokken hate has been noted, and will be passed on to them the next time the state fair rolls through town.

werdna -- I don't know, we've got a banana for commander-in-cheif..

Narm -- Good point. I also don't think the tabloids would get a lot of mileage out of "Bananalinga" as a power couple name.

Satorical -- thanks bro. I should also mention (at the risk of tooting my own horn) that I contacted Rich at fourfour prior to using the graphic to make sure it was ok, and he loved the story too.

Unmuse -- Yeah, Brad has a little hitch in his giddyup there, doesn't he?

Shay -- I've always felt that all showdowns that don't involve guns, burping, or jagermeister should be called Motherf#$@ing Walkoffs, if only for the fact that danceoffs make me think of the movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo which is a memory I'd rather not revisit.

Kaiser -- Yeah, but have you seen the peach he chose for VP?

WIGSF -- Can we get a red t-shirt printed with the banana in Black silhouette? You know before someone at threadless jumps on the idea?

Heff -- Can't say it much better than that. I think Brad just died a little inside the moment you posted that comment.