Tropical Storm Fay -- The Musical

Even though the actual effects to the area have been minimal (so far), the approach of Tropical Storm Fay has prompted area schools, city offices, and a number of local businesses to close their doors until the possible dangers have passed. It's a pretty regular process in this town during hurricane season -- developed after years of experience dealing with dangerous weather systems that have the potential to cause very serious damage.

Unfortunately, it's that same depth of experience that has taught many people the difference between a serious storm that could bring real damage and smaller tropical systems that pose more of a threat to lower lying areas of Central and Southern Florida and frequently only bring heavy rains and strong winds to us.
It's sort of like the level of nonchalance that a lot of Californians give to "minor" earthquakes.
In other words, I know these storms can become dangerous -- but I also know that most of the time they turn out to be a lot of noise over nothing. The power might go out, some tree branches might get knocked over, and a few coastal areas might flood a little -- but unless the storm escalates past a certain level, it's more of an annoyance than anything else.
But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like a free day off of work for it.
The problem is, my bosses are north Floridians too -- equally jaded and unimpressed by the real dangers of this tropical storm, to the point where even with the announcements about the schools and city offices closing -- there had been little to no talk at all of closing our own doors as well.

It's one of those weird situations where you know the risk of real danger is kinda low, but you're hoping that your corporation's fear of liability lawsuits is ultra-high, which will lead them to err on the side of caution.

Still, late into the day Wednesday there had really been no official word -- So eventually (trying not to look too eager), I went to my supervisor's office and asked him if they were gonna close the plant down on Thursday or Friday, to which he replied:
Which sorta sucks, because I was really hoping to spend the time like this:

[Listening to:  The Union Underground"Trip With Jesus" ]


Lauren said…
My office didn't shut down either!! I was waiting all day for the call, for us to be able to leave early, and yet, no. I'm still at work. I drove through floods to get there.

Heff said…
Heh. I don't remember Bert and Ernie being so...high spirited.
unMuse said…
sadly you don't have to drive over bridges to get to work or else you could use that excuse.

it's become a lot worse out my way. trees are down all around me, yet I still have power. I know eventually I will lose it and won't be able to gloat.
Werdna said…
Stay safe. And when in doubt Hurricane party.
Hex said…
Lauren -- The only silver lining I can think of is that the power never really went out at work, and the collective mood was such that the actual amount of work I did was pretty light.

Heff -- You never really thought about how they chased those clouds away on the sunny days, did ya?

Unmuse -- a month or so ago I would have had to drive over a bridge. But no, mr smart guy moved right close to the office.

Werdna -- In my world, all the heavy storms are named after the things I drink while I'm waiting for them to pass. Tropical Storm Southern Comfort seems to be pretty tame, but lets see how Hurricane Stolichnaya treats us before we say for sure.
Peanut Angel said…
Luckily for me I live on the opposite side of the river from the office and the thought of having to provide me with room and board scared my boss into letting me stay home.... Where I am able to do a little work via remote access. Wheee!
Satorical said…
Tropical storms + N. Florida = ain' no thang. Hex pegs it: When you live there a while, you can tell when it's time to really get the hell out.

Separately, vid 2=awesome.